Maldives Immigration starts complying with standard ICAO Annex 9, chapter 3.10.1. ( Maldives will only accept standard Machine Readable Passports. )


As in the early days, like the rest of the world, Maldivians also did not need a passport to travel abroad.

But after Maldives became a British protectorate on 16 Dec. 1887, a few Maldivians started traveling on British passports. That is for the purpose of pilgrimage to Hajj and other purposes.

For a long time “Meerubahuru” was the person who took care of the foreigners who come to Maldives. “Meerubahuru” is the Harbour Master known on these days. He’s the master of the inbound and outbound harbour. Most of the time his immediate boss will be a “velaaana beykaleh”. On the other hand “Meerubahuru” will be commanded by the king himself. If a war ship, cargo ship or any other vessel arrived, “Meerubahur” will go to the king’s palace and inform the king about the arrival of the vessel. After getting the king’s permission “Merubahuru” will go to the vessel with a red flag hoisted on his dhoni. Many other tasks in the country will be led by “Meerubahuru”. Likewise, “Meerubahur” was the person who took care of the foreign immigrants who came to Maldives in this manner.

Maldivians required passports to travel India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) when they became independent during 1947/1948.

Maldivians did not require a Travel Document while these countries were under British protectorate.

A passport was required to enter Maldives after the 1950’s. A Passport Office was inaugurated on 24 March 1950. The fist person who led the office was velanage Mohamed Ibrahim Didi. (Maajehige Mohamed Didi).

The first Travel Document issued by this office was “Pass”. This pass allowed people to travel to Ceylon and India only. As said earlier people used British passports to travel to other countries except these two countries.

Maldivian stopped traveling on British passports on 26 July 1965, when Maldives got full independence from the British. From that day onwards the real days of “dhivehi passport” began.

Diplomatic passport was issued from 18 November 1968.

People who led the Passport Office

Mohamed Ibrahim Didi
(Chief of the Passport Office)
Passport Offeehuge Veriyaa
20 March 1950 to 02 July 1956
Faroog Ismail
(Pass Officer)
03 July 1956 to 11 Jan 1958
Abdulla Khaleel
(Pass Officer)
02 Feb 1958 to 29 Sep 1959
Ahmed Ali Didi
29 Sep 1959 to 10 Aug 1972
Ali Riza
(Passport Officer)
15 Jan 1977 to 16 Dec 1978
Ahmed Nasir
(Passport Officer)
14 Aug 1972 to 14 Jan 1977
17 Dec 1978 to 16 Jan 1980
Hussain Haleem
(Passport Officer)
17 Jul 1980 to 23 Dec 1980
Kandi Ahmed Ismail
(Passport Officer)
16 Jan 1980 to 17 Jul 1980
Ahmed Saleem
23 Dec 1980 to 08 Apr 1981
Mohamed Ahmed
(Controller of Immigration and Emigration)
08 Apr 1981 to 07 Jul 1987
K.D.Ahmed Maniku
09 Sep 1987 to 31 Dec 1987
(Acting Controller)
01 Jan 1988 to 11 Nov 1993 (Controller of Immigration and Emigration)
Mohamed Shareef
(Controller of Immigration and Emigration)
15 Nov 1993 to 31 March 2001
Ali Hussain Didi
18 April 2001 to 20 March 2003 (Director)
20 March 2003 to 01 December 2003 (Controller)

Ibrahim Shafiu
01 Dec 2003 to 24 Feb 2005
Controller of Immigration & Emigration
24 Feb 2005 to 21 Aug 2005
Controller of Immigration & Emigration (Deputy Minister Level)
21 Augt 2005 to 27 Feb 2008
Minister of State, Controller of Immigration & Emigration
27 Feb 2008 to 07 Sep 2008
K.D.Ahmed Maniku
Minister of State, Controller of Immigration & Emigration
07 September 2008 to 05 November 2008

Sh.Ilyas Hussain Ibrahim
Controller of Immigration & Emigration (Deputy Minister Level)
13 November 2008 to 22 February 2011
Minister of State, Controller of Immigration & Emigration
08 February 2012 to 24 May 2012

Abdulla Shahid
Controller of Immigration & Emigration (Minister of State Level)
22 February 2011 to 08 February 2012

Dr. Mohamed Ali
Controller of Immigration & Emigration (Minister Level)
24 May 2012 to 21 November 2013

Uz. Hassan Ali
Controller of Immigration and Emigration (Minister of State Level)
21 November 2013 to 25 January 2015.

Mohamed Anwar
Controller of Immigration and Emigration (Deputy Minister Level)
  25 January 2015 to 26 January 2016

Controller General of Immigration (Minister of State Level)
26 January 2016 to date.



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