To safeguard national security by providing quality, convenient and professional immigration services that facilitate legitimate travelers, proactively detect immigration-related crimes and provide a trustworthy international travel identification for Maldivian citizens.


Ensuring secure mobility!

Core Values


We act within the boundaries of the relevant national and international laws, and uphold our responsibilities as Immigration Officers. We carry out our duties with honesty and hold our moral principles high.


We continuously work to further our knowledge in order to enhance our services for our stakeholders. We apply our training and understanding for the benefit of our customers, and the local and international community.


We ensure transparency and accountability to our stakeholders. We act in a way which is in line with the relevant laws and regulations, accepting that our actions are open to scrutiny.


We pledge to safeguard our borders. We strive to detect, deter and prosecute all immigration-related crimes and assist victims to the best of our ability.


We show understanding and compassion towards each individual, no matter their background or circumstances.