A Maldivian Passport can be issued to any Maldivian citizen who applies for a Passport. If the applicant is under the age of 18, a passport can be issued by the request of either parents. If not by the request of parents, then it needs to be requested by a legal guardian.

Following needs to submitted when applying for a Passport.

  • Passport Application form IM01.
  • Valid National Identity card. A damaged card will not be accepted.
  • 1 passport size photo which has been taken within a month to the date of application. The photo should be compliant to the Passport photo standard for Maldivian Passports.
  • If a legal guardian other than parents, then the relevant legal documents stating so from the Court.
  • The most recent Passport, valid or expired, needs to be submitted for cancellation.
  • If the applicant is admitted in a hospital, a doctor certificate and a letter from the applicant stating who will be collecting the travel document on behalf of the applicant, needs to be submitted.

Renewal of valid Passports.

A valid Passport can be renewed if the reason is acceptable to Maldives Immigration. If the Passport has a validity of more than 8 months, cancellation fee of MRF100 per year will be collected in addition to the Passport fee. If the validity is less than 8 months, cancellation fee will not be collected. Passport validity will be counted from the date of submission of application form. When collecting cancellation fee, days exceeding a year would also be considered as an additional year. For instance, if the remaining validity is 2 years and 1 day, it would be considered as 3 years. In this case, the cancellation would be MRF300. If the validity is more than a year, a letter of the applicant is required stating in detail the reason(s) for renewal. In addition to this letter, relevant documents proving that the applicant will be staying abroad for a long period of time should be provided.
Cancellation fee will not be collected if the Passport is full. The Passport will be considered full if the Passport has 4 or less blank Visa pages.

Electronic Passports.

    • Applicants ages 10 years and above will be issued a Regular Electronic Passport. The applicant needs to be able to personally collect the Passport from Maldives Immigration.
    • Applicants between the ages 10 years above and below 18 years needs to attend Maldives Immigration with either one of the applicant’s parents. If either one of the parents cannot be present (being out of the island/country), a letter signed by either one of the parents, with the following information needs to be faxed/mailed:
    • The name, address, NID number of the applicant (child)
    • The name, address, NID number of the person collecting on behalf the parents.
    • Reason for not being able to attend.
    • If the parent is in another island, the letter should be mailed or faxed via the Island Council office.
    • Applications submitted to change the Passport photo of applicants who are below the age of 10 years, a new Passport will be issued without the cancellation fee.

Non-electronic Passports

Non-electronic Passports are issued to the following:

  • Children below the age of 10 years.
  • Applicants residing abroad who are therefore unable to collect the Passport personally.
  • Applicants who are 60 years and above and unable to collect the Passport personally.
  • A permanent illness/disability or temporary condition which renders an applicant who is about to travel, unable to walk or have difficulty in walking.

For applicants below the age of 10 years, the Passport will be issued to either one the parents or a legal guardian. If neither of them is able to collect the Passport, a letter by either one of them would need to be submitted.
In cases other than the applicant being below the age of 10 years, a letter of the applicant needs to be submitted.
The information required for such third party collection letters are mentioned above in the Electronic Passports category.

Issuance of Passports in Emergency cases

In addition to a normal application, the following information are considered when to issue Passports as an Emergency case.

  • A Doctor’s letter, stating that the patient has a life threatening medical condition and what the medical condition is.
  • If the patient is 18 years and above and is able to personally collect the Passport, then an Electronic Passport can be processed. However, if the patient is unable to collect, then a Temporary Travel Document will be processed.
  • If the patient is below the age of 10 years or 60 years and above, a Non-Electronic Passport can be processed.
  • When applying for Temporary Travel Document or Non-Electronic Passport (if the patient is 18 years and above), if the applicant is unable to personally collect the Passport of Temporary Travel Document, a third party collection letter from the applicant will be required.
  • If a Passport needs to be processed due to emergency reasons during the non-working hours or on public holidays, the following number can be contacted: 9199163.

For additional information:
Phone: 333 0471, 9555333
Fax: 332 0011
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @immigrationMV