Exemptions for stranded foreigners due to Covid-19

Due to the limited flight movements and as the border of many countries are still closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Maldives Immigration has declared further exemptions to stranded tourists, business visa holders and foreigners who signed-on from a seaport. Hence, following are the revised exemptions;

  1. Foreigners whose visa got expired after 19th March 2020 can leave Maldives without extending their visa. Instead, they shall submit the “Application for Emergency Departure” [IM34] form for immigration clearance during the departure process.
  2. If the visa was expired before 19th March 2020, it must be extended by emailing the application to [email protected].
  3. “Application for Emergency Departure” [IM34] form is applicable till 31st October 2020.

Additionally, Maldives Immigration urges the responsible parties to pay more attention on the visa regulations, and to complete the required processes to avoid violations.

Further assistance and information regarding these services will be provided via 9199153 (Work Visa Hotline) and 9199157 (Permits Hotline), 9555222 (Airport Immigration Office), 3330417 (Seaport) and 1434 (Call Center, available during office hours).

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