Highlights from the Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia conference

Singapore | September 22, 2022

Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain attended the Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia conference, held from September 20–22, 2022 in Singapore. The conference brought together the leading government officials from across Central Asia, South-East Asia, Australia and the Middle East, also the technological leading experts across the globe, to discuss the border security challenges faced at the present day.

Speaking at the conference, the Controller General highlighted the impacts of COVID-19 and the challenges faced by Maldives Immigration as a leading border agency. Besides the economic setbacks to the country, Controller General stressed that the pandemic played a vital role in bringing more effective and efficient technological solutions in the border management. Furthermore, reflecting on bringing innovative ideas for the interest of the country, the rationale of Maldives Border Miles, the world’s first destination loyalty program, was shared with the attendees.

Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain speaking at the panel discussion on the future of seamless travel

Speaking at the panel discussion about the future of seamless travel, Controller General shared the following.

  • A journey of seamless travel starts from the convenience of the passenger’s home.
  • Maldives being a tourist destination, practicing effective seamless traveling will heavily benefit the tourism sector.
  • Balancing border security with a customer oriented service shall be the initial step, neither of them can be compromised.
  • Inter agency cooperation within the national agencies is vital.
  • Must establish a trusted relationship with international counterparts.
  • Technology is helpful, only if it is utilised efficiently.
  • En-route clearance process at the Malè Seaport shall be a good example for the seamless travel.

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