How to Apply

Effective from 22nd July 2020, application for Dhivehi Passport must be submitted via IMUGA, the online platform for immigration services.

Steps to apply for Dhivehi Passport via IMUGA portal

  1. Visit and register.
  2. Select ‘Dhivehi Passport’ service.
  3. Select ‘New Application’ and fill in the required fields.
  4. Upload a passport size photo taken within 1 month to the date of application (follow the Passport Photo Standard) and a clear photo of the applicant’s signature
  5. Review the information, mark the consent box and click ‘Submit Now’.
  6. A text message will be sent to the registered mobile number once the passport application is verified and ready for payment. Pay the passport fee via Bank of Maldives gateway.
  7. Once the passport is ready for collection, a text message will be sent again to the registered mobile number with the date and time to collect the passport) (status of the application can be checked via IMUGA portal as well)
  8. Take a token number from ‘QueueBee’ application within the appointment time (or after) before visiting to collect the passport.


Any Maldivian who has an IMUGA account can apply for another Maldivian’s passport. However, updates on the passport application process will be sent to the registered mobile number used to create his/her IMUGA account.

What documents are required at the time of passport collection?

  1. A valid ID card.
  2. Old passport (Only if it is not expired).

Renewal of a valid passportA valid passport can be renewed if the reason for renewing the passport is valid and acceptable. If the passport has a validity of more than 1 year, cancellation fee of MVR100 will be charged per year in addition to the passport fee. However, if the validity of the passport is less than 1 year, the cancellation fee will not be charged.

Remaining validity of the passport will be counted from the date of application. As such, even if a day exceeds more than a year, it would also be considered as an additional year. For instance, if the remaining validity is two years and one day, it would be considered as three years and the cancellation charge would be MVR300. If the validity is more than a year, a letter of the applicant is required with relevant documents to explain the reason for renewal.

However, cancellation fee will not be charged if the passport is full. A passport is considered full, if the passport has four or less blank visa pages.