Maldives Immigration commences the second series of ‘Ihema’

Maldives Immigration has commenced the second series of the ‘Ihema’ program, which aims to enhance customer relations within the organization. This remarkable initiative, which commenced on October 8th, continues to be a vital training endeavor for all immigration officers. Its inaugural launch, the first series, was held in 2022.

The significance of the service provided by Maldives Immigration cannot be overstated, as our dedicated immigration officers regularly engage with and assist countless residents and travelers from all corners of the globe visiting the Maldives on a daily basis. Our ‘Ihema’ program is guided by the simple yet powerful slogan, “Speak and Smile.”

This year, we are excited to announce that the ‘Ihema’ program is being conducted in collaboration with the Civil Service Training Institute, further enhancing the depth and quality of the training. The curriculum for ‘Ihema’ encompasses an array of group exercises, practical tasks, and comprehensive theoretical sessions, ensuring that our officers are well-prepared for the demands of their roles.

Consistent with the successful format of the 2022 program, the 2023 ‘Ihema’ is structured into multiple sessions, ensuring that immigration officers stationed across the various islands can participate. At the conclusion of the program, certificates of completion will be awarded to all participants, recognizing their dedication to excellence in service.

Maldives Immigration remains committed to its mission of providing world-class service to residents and visitors, and the ‘Ihema’ program stands as a testament to this commitment. We look forward to the continued growth and success of this initiative, further strengthening our service standards and our officers’ ability to interact with and serve individuals from around the world.

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