Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Hussain was appointed as the Controller General of Maldives Immigration on 23rd of December 2018, by the President, His Excellency Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.


Master’s in International Security – Border and Biosecurity

Massey University (2019 – 2022), Palmerston North, New Zealand

Master of Science (MSc) in International Management

University of the West of England (2012 – 2014), Bristol, United Kingdom

Degree with Honors in Business Administration

University of Greenwich (2008 - 2011), TMC Academy, Singapore

Higher Diploma in Business

University of Cambridge (2008 - 2011), TMC Academy, Singapore

Certificate in Hotel and Hospitality Management

Nilai International University (2007 - 2008), Malaysia

Major Achievements

Delineating the current Administration’s development agenda and outlining the Strategic Action Plan and National Development Plan of the government, Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain successfully launched the Strategic Plan 2020-2024 for the first time after 13 long years. This action plan provides the organization’s strategic outlook and future-oriented development in line with core values, mission, and vision.

Maldives has been a transit point for migrants, mainly from Middle East, who are probably fleeing from violence and prosecution in their country. Addressing the possible destructive effects from these immigrants and aliens, Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain stressed to protect the air and sea borders. As such, he stresses to work together with national and international alike with a shared sense of responsibility. Furthermore, he strengthened the border security nation-wide, spreading additional facilities in other airports along with the main airport and new services were established to screen the surface arrivals comprehensively.   

Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain played an integral role in commencing the combined investigation with investigation bodies.  Human Trafficking has been a huge issue in Maldives, following the significant incline in the population of expatriate workers. Hence, challenges in establishing a complete migration mechanism in the country led to the increase in undocumented expatriates, which directed to conflicts in opinion in the community, together with complex cultural and socioeconomic issues.  

Focusing on the efficient and convenient services to the people, and to embrace new technology-based solutions to take adequate measure by balancing risk mitigation, IMUGA Portal, the digital service platform of the Maldives Immigration was introduced by the Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain during the second year in office. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, this platform played an integral role to collect the required travel and health information of the passengers before they arrival/departure. It also ensured that all travellers are empowered to take more control of their travel journey, including the responsibility of evaluating their level of health risk before a journey. Additionally, that all actors working in the travel sector are involved in working together and implementing internationally consistent measures to build traveller confidence.

As a result of finding technology-based solutions to reopen the border after the Covid-19 pandemic, it opened the door to introduce the world’s first destination loyalty program for tourists, the Maldives Border Miles. The idea of the Maldives Border Miles was rolled out by the Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain during the global pandemic. Maldives Border Miles is a three-tier, nation-wide loyalty program for tourists who will earn points based on several aspects.

Change is vital in this quickly evolving era. Consistency shall be maintained in adapting to the changes of globalization, whilst being a border agency. Hence, as Maldives is heavily dependent on tourism, Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain is keen to transform Maldives Immigration to a customer centered approach even at the border, though Immigration authorities act strict in most of the countries. He always stresses that the tourist begins his/her dream vacation in the Maldives from the immigration counters at the border.

“Maldives being a world-famous tourist destination, the first impression by the immigration officer at the border is a multimillion-dollar investment”, Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain.