Passport Card

Passport Card is a unique bio-metric multipurpose electronic card introduced by Maldives Immigration.   Passport Card will   be   the broadest platform for multiple service inclusion in Maldives. It can be used for multiple purposes allowing it to be used in a wide range of purposes and    services.    Primarily   Passport   Card   is    an identity travel document complying with the ICAO data standards.  Additionally, Passport Card is equipped with MasterCard services complying with the EMV standards for financial transactions.  In addition to this Passport Card can be used for insurance purposes of Allied Insurance.  The flexibility of the Passport Card allows additional services such as Drivers’ License and other e-services like e-Transport to be incorporated to Passport Card.

Passport Card is produced with exceptional level of technology and with the highest levels of security, quality, durability and reliability. Passport Card is designed for durability and long service life with both quality and sophisticated physical and electronic security features.  It is produced from polycarbonate materials and meets the highest requirements for security and quality standards. Passport Card can withstand high-level of stress, ranging from attempts at physical alteration, to years of inconsiderate handling in a variety of environments and weather conditions.  Passport Card is also equipped with an electronic  chip  module  for  the storage  of  the personal   and   biometric   data   of   the card  holder  as well  as  keys,  certificates   and  other data  for  the use of the various e-services and applications.



Maldives Immigration Passport Card is a wallet-sized travel document, issued to the citizens of Maldives only. The holder of this Passport Card should be able to process through the e-gate services and used as a secondary identification globally. This card should have the stored information of passport holder.


The card will cater the services provided by the Bank of Maldives as a Master Card. Which in turn should include, matching requirement   of design and processes approved by Maldives Immigration.


The  card  will  be  designed   in  a  way  to securely  connect  and  deliver  all  services through   a  convenient   method   proposed   by  Maldives  Immigration  in  collaboration with our partner for insurance.