New enhancements to the Traveller Declaration form

The Traveller Declaration form, or the electronic embarkation/disembarkation form, has been enhanced to improve the customer experience and minimize the time spent by the traveller in filling out the form.

Major changes include the auto-fillable personal information and increasing the time limit to submit the form. 

As such, the personal information will be automatically filled-in when you take a photo of the bio-data page of the passport and upload it. It is more convenient as travelers can take instant images of their passports and upload them. 

Additionally, the time limit has been increased and travelers can now submit the form within 96 hours of the flight time on arrival and departure.

Moreover, you can verify your submission by clicking the “Check My QR Code” button, which will allow you to be sure that you have submitted the form. The QR code can also be used by other parties to verify that you have completed the Traveller Declaration form.

Here is a summary of the new enhancements

  • More convenient
  • Personal details will be auto filled with an instant image of the passport data page
  • Verify your submission
  • Validity extended to 96 hours

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