Passport FAQ

How to apply for passport?

Passport applications has to be submitted via IMUGA, the digital platform for Immigration services.

How to apply for a passport in an emergency circumstance?

Contact the emergency passport service hotline, 9555333, after applying for the passport in a medical urgency or in any such emergency situation. You may give a call to emergency passport service hotline, if you need guidance in applying for the passport. (Application shall be submitted via IMUGA portal)

How long does the passport processing procedure take?

Processing time varies depending on the applications submitted/received. If all the documents are submitted appropriately, it usually takes 1-2 working days from the application time.

What are the documents required for passport submission via IMUGA portal?

A digital photo which complies with the photo standard of Maldives Immigration (the photo uploaded must be not more than 1 month old) and signature of the applicant (signed on a clear white surface).

What are the documents required for passport collection?

A valid National Identity card and old passport if it is still valid. (If the passport is expired, you do not require to bring the old passport for new passport collection)

If a second person is to collect the passport on applicant’s behalf, (applicable to Non-Electronic Passports only), relevant documents (Passport holder’s valid Identity Card, no objection letter) and collector’s National Identity Card has to be brought.

What is the procedure for passport payment/fee?

You will receive a text message to the registered mobile number from Immigration once the passport application is verified and ready for payment. Pay the passport fee via Bank of Maldives gateway.

How to collect the passport?

Once the passport is ready for collection, you will receive an appointment for passport collection to the registered mobile number via a text message. (You may check the status of the application via IMUGA portal as well) You are required to take a token from ‘QueueBee’ application within the appointment time.

You may also attend to take the passport at your convenience, if you miss the appointment.

How can a person with special needs or elderly person collect the passport, if they are unable to attend for passport collection?

As people with special needs or elderly people are issued non-electronic passport, it will be issued to a second person who represent them. Hence, a no objection letter will be required from the applicant. (Passport holder’s valid Identity card, no objection letter, and collector’s National Identity Card will be required).

Can ordinary electronic passport be issued to a second person?

No. An ordinary electronic passport can only be issued to the passport holder, as biometrics are required at the time of collection.

What is the difference between an electronic and non-electronic passport?

Electronic passports will have the biometrics of the passport holder. Non-electronic passports are issued to children below 10 years, elderly persons above 65 years and for those who are unable to collect the passport in person due to different circumstances.

How much does an ordinary electronic passport cost?

An ordinary electronic passport costs MVR1000.

What is the procedure if the passport has been lost?

If the passport has been lost, you need to inform to the nearest police station as soon as possible, because you need the police report for renewal. However, if the lost passport is expired, a police report is not required to make a new passport. Immigration will require 3 working days for further examination, after the Police Report has been sent by Maldives Police Services. There will be a fine of not more than MVR2000, after assessing the case by the Review Committee. Applicants are advised to select the “lost passport” option while submitting through IMUGA portal.

Are there any penalties if the passport has been damaged?

A fine of MVR2000 will be taken for all types of damaged passports.

How long will a passport be kept at Immigration if it is not being collected?

Passport has to be collected within 6 months of the application. After that period, the passport will be revoked.

Will there be any fine for the cancellation of the passport?

If the validity of the passport is less than 1 year, passport can be renewed without any cancellation fee. If the validity is more than 1 year, MVR100 will be charged for each remaining year.

How do we apply for passport card and how much is the fee?

Passport card applications has to be submitted via IMUGA platform (Maldives Immigration’s service platform) The passport card costs MVR450 and the validity of your passport card will be the same as the validity of your passport.

How to change the collection point once the application is submitted?

If you wish to change the passport collection point after the application process, applicants are advised to send an email to [email protected], explaining for the request.