Marriage Visa

A marriage visa is a permit granted to a foreign national to remain in the Maldives, who is married to a Maldivian national.

A foreigner travelling to the Maldives to marry a Maldivian, or a foreigner who is married to a Maldivian and travels to the Maldives to register their marriage in the Maldives, shall be sponsored prior to their arrival. Sponsorship Declaration have to be submitted online via IMUGA, the digital platform for immigration services.

After the arrival, the foreigner must complete the legal marriage process and apply for a marriage visa within the given period. If the foreigner is already residing in the Maldives, a visa transfer has to be made to Marriage Visa, once the legal procedure for the marriage registration is completed.

Applying for Marriage Visa

The following documents are required to apply for Marriage Visa.

  1. Application for Permit Extension Form (IM23) stamped by the family court.
  2. A color copy of the passport biodata page of the applicant.
  3. Last arrival stamp page (for applicants who are arriving on sponsorship to register their marriage for the first time).
  4. Copy of the last visa page (issued to remain in the Maldives). This is applicable on for applicants who already has an existing visa to remain in the Maldives.
  5. A color copy of the Marriage Certificate.
  6. ID card copy of the Maldivian spouse.
  7. Passport size photo (in accordance with the Maldives Immigration’s Photo Standard).
  8. Medical health screening report from a Hospital/Clinic authorized by the relevant government authority (required only when applying for the first time).
  9. Health insurance (required only when applying for the first time).


  • Marriage Visa applications must be submitted online via IMUGA portal. When the application is processed, submitter will be notified via a text message and will be given an appointment to submit the passport for visa.
  • A fee of MVR50 will be charged for the visa card.
  • Marriage Visa is issued for 1 year for new applications. However, Marriage Visa extensions are issued to 5 years.
  • Extensions for Marriage Visa can be submitted (via IMUGA portal) with minimum 3 months to expire.

Last update: October 2023.