Travel Advisory for tourists intending to stay at inhabited islands

Effective from 26th July 2021 onwards, tourists intending to check-in or stay at tourist facilities in inhabited islands will be permitted if;

  • They have completed prescribed dose(s) of a COVID19 vaccine (approved by World Health Organization Emergency Use Listing (EUL) or Maldives Food and Drug Authority), and at least 14 days have passed after the completion of the prescribed dose(s).
  • They hold a negative result for a nucleic acid test (PCR test for COVID- 19 with sample within 72 hours prior to departure from the first port of embarkation.

Tourists who haven’t completed the vaccination dose(s) can check-in to guest houses located at inhabited islands if the island population (where the guest house is located) has completed vaccination doses as follows:

• If 60% of the island population has completed vaccination.

• If 95% of all staffs who serve tourists in the island has completed vaccination.

• If 90% of the elderly population (above 65 years) of the island has completed vaccination.

All the above mentioned categories will be considered if 14 day have passed after completion of the prescribed dose(s).

Tourists originating from South Asian countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, lndia, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka) is permitted to check-in or stay at tourist facilities in inhabited islands from 25th July 2021.

Additionally, when they check-out from a tourist facility in an inhabited island, they must hold a negative PCR test result.

Note: lf the passenger makes a transit during the journey, the initial PCR test will be valid if the transit does not exceed 24 hours. If the passenger makes a transit exceeding 24 hours, the passenger must take a repeat PCR test prior to embarkation at the point of transit.

Source: HPA (IUL)23-L/452/2021/5

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